soooo today.

so really, this is what it looked like outside when i woke up. cold, windy, and raining - like crazy. not my fave. especially when the day entails being outside in the elements and not tucked cozily under the covers or actually, just sitting behind my desk. so, i grabbed my huge striped umbrella, drove to target, and purchased some sexy little rain boots! ok, so maybe they aren't exactly "sexy" - but they are way sexier than wet & ruined suede booties. sidenote: until this morning, i never knew that target opened at 8am. *and the angels sang!*

i said all that to say, although my situation this morning wasn't ideal - i tried not to be negative about it (this was very tough at the time) but i managed, and it was only temporary. i survived. mostly, it made me thankful. thankful for warm clothes, and blankets, and heaters, and hot beverages...shelter. there's more, but you get the point. i was reminded, it could be a lot worse.

so that's that. x

image via design crush


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