i once was lost.

but now i'm found!!! 

ya'll know how i am. crazy & over-committed. but i have been missin you (tear), so here i am. who knows how long this will last...but i am here, for all two of you still reading. x

since the last time i was around - i had a birthday. yes, i am thirty-two now. i state that for documenting purposes only - i don't look a day over 27. hehe. the party was epic. i know, i hate that word too, with a fiery passion, but it was... Chanel themed, champagne (*ahem & tequila) flowin, DJ playing the rowdiest mix you've ever laid your ears on, all with some of the most beautiful people alive. pure sickness. epic. i wish all of you could have attended. <3

in other news: i've been singing (a not so hidden talent anymore), doing art, lots of graphic design, eating, drinking and not that much sleeping - mostly just having a really amazing past several months. very happy. (also just sharing for documentation purposes.)

but what i really came here for was, ZARA's november look book. feeling it. REALLY feeling this look. all feminine, but ill kick your ass at the same time.

no? ok ;)

TTYS! xo


Anonymous | November 15, 2011 at 3:18 PM

Thank God you are back...and now I am found since I have been "fashion lost" since the last post!!

jeanene | November 15, 2011 at 9:10 PM

I checked your blog every day!! even the same old post made me happy to visit each day, plus the excitement that maybe today would be the day you dropped a fashion wisdom bomb on us was enough to keep me coming back!!!

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