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the blood of the stars.

"and men said that the blood of the stars flowed in her veins." --c.s. lewis
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limited edition.

i am not perfect, but i am limited edition.
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art by: angela allen
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my perfect outfit.

a men's vintage button down
skinny jeans
sexy heels
a statement piece of jewelry
messy hair
+ red lipstick.
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my plans for this three-day weekend.

1. eat watermelon.
2. bake something.
3. make some art. 
3. work on my tan.
4. chillllllllll.

nothing more. nothing less.
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life is an opportunity, benefit from it.
life is beauty, admire it.
life is a dream, realize it.
life is a challenge, meet it.
life is a duty, complete it.
life is a game, play it.
life is a promise, fulfill it.
life is sorrow, overcome it.
life is a song, sing it.
life is a struggle, accept it.
life is a tragedy, confront it.
life is an adventure, dare it.
life is luck, make it.
life is too precious, do not destroy it.
life is life, fight for it.

- mother teresa

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"what made her strong was despite the million things that hurt her she spoke of nothing nothing but happiness."