always in heels.

don't you just love a pair of broken-in, relax fit jeans?? especially all cuffed with a hot little pair of heels! *TDF. i currently do not have a pair of said jeans. mine are all slim fit & tight. hahaha (tight from too much wine & desserts, but i don't care). ;)

im sort of on a mission now to find a pair. my best bet, and yours if you're interested, may be a thrift store. but then again, it might just be easier to go to Nordstrom & pay $200. haha

why are jeans so difficult? too short-waisted, too long-waisted, not long enough, not short enough, not enough room in the rump, blah blah blah. (sigh)

in other news, i'm pumped about the weekend! x


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