cotton candy couture.

i love Chanel. (pause...sigh) what fashion girl doesn't swoon for anything embossed with those infamous double C's?  partner that with my aforementioned obsession with everything black & white, and COCO and i are truly a match made in heaven!  so you can imagine my excitement when i found out yesterday that Chanel's couture fashion show was scheduled for this morning.  i could hardly wait!  after thorough research, the above images are officially my favorites!  coco confections - so luscious & sugary sweet!  the details are absurd!  some of the tops have over 400,000 pearls and crystals.  hand sewn.  HAUTE couture!  you can lust over the full collection here.  

i wonder what you will think of these silhouettes - floor length skirts, longer tunics over skinnies, FLAT shoes!  thoughts??


Anonymous | January 25, 2011 at 7:01 PM

Long Tunics/Shirts over Skinnies and Flat is CLASSIC and a personal FAVE!

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