oh peggy

i am afraid to say that EVERY weekend i am going to introduce you to a new artist, because then i will be having a 
complete panic attack all week trying to find someone suitable to share with you.  i can't take the pressure.  SO, let's
just call it a coincidence that this is the second weekend that i have featured an artist's work and not a pattern.  k?  
introducing to you German illustrator | Peggy Wolf.  there is so much i love about this piece, entitled "oh carmen".  
the feather, the eyelashes, the highlights & shadows, the mix of pattern & colors, the watercolor details, the shape and movement of her dress...  this HAS to hang in my house.  please go check out her work!

"i found i could say things with color and shapes that i couldn't say any other way - things i had no words for." 
- Ms. Georgia O'Keefe


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