sparkle town

at all times, it is a MUST for me, to have my mani/pedi game on point!  it is a crucial element of my overall look.  i used to change my nail polish  but this is clearly excessive, and although doable, the amount of nail polish remover i used alone, was on a costco-esque level!  so, i have scaled it back a tidge.  just a tidge.  i get bored easy with the color options that are available (and i have every color you could possibly imagine).  i was in an "over the top" mood yesterday when i took my sister to get a birthday mani.  i chose OPI's Burlesque bring on the bling...and boy is it BLINGY bling!  my nails look like little tiny gold disco balls.  there is nothing boring going on here.

what is your personal go-to or over the top nail polish?

* bottom left - bring on the bling


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