on my mind.

1. a light bulb went off a few days ago. first, i wondered how on earth i didn't have a floor length, cashmere, camel coat in my closet (because i really needed it for this look i was going for). then quickly realized that i desperately needed to remedy that fact. i will be scavenging every thrift store high and low until my heart is satisfied.

2. this piece is so simple, but it really inspires me. i keep coming back to it. the most simple art + design has the potential to speak the loudest. i'm going through a very much "less is more" phase and i like it.

3. you're makin me blush! a.) i am loving the over-sized, chunky knits for fall b.) BLUSH, you have mesmerized me. such a soft color for fall, but i just can't get enough!


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