i like her style.

jenna lyons: creative director at j.crew

i like i'm obsessed with her style.

she's 6 feet tall, duh tall girls club, she's an instant shoe in, in my book. she is THE queen of men's wear as women's wear. of which i am a HUGE fan. i'd say a good percentage of my clothes are men's clothes. just add some sexy heels and that's my idea of perfection. clearly, her and i are on the same page. which brings me to my next point, her shoes...the collection is insane, like 300 or more pair. her shoes seem to be the icing of her overall look. shoes are major guys. you can never go wrong when you have happy feet. now for the obvious, she wears simple, classic pieces, but always adds a little bit of an edge, my favorite. her secret? she says it takes her 3 minutes to get dressed in the morning. i love it!

for a day in the life of this maven, check it...


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