total bada**.

her name is carine roitfeld and she had my dream job for more than a decade - editor-in-chief of French Vogue. bitch. just kidding! but seriously, how amazing would THAT be!??!........................ (sorry i just left my body thinking about how amazing that would be). women like her absolutely FASCINATE me! like i want to know all their history, all about their lives, every single step they took in their careers, every last morsel. well, now i get a visual! her book Irreverent, which came out in *october, chronicles her elite career in big ol glossy pages, MY FAVE! this needs to be on my coffee table STAT!

if you want to know more about carine - i found this great article in Forbes. X

*i know, it's december - i was completely aware when the book came out in october. i'm not behind. there's just simply no time to read! till now (maybe)?

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