this necklace reminds me of the *sex and the city episode where aiden proposes to carrie and she tells him she doesn't want to wear her diamond on her finger, she wants to wear it around her neck so it would be closer to her heart. hahahah that's some junk i'd say. problemz!

this gorgeous necklace was made by jewelry designer, Shlomit Ofir. i stumbled across her Etsy store today and i am crazy about her pieces. (the rising sun necklace, wings embrace necklace, the small pentagon necklace and of course the one pictured above are my top picks). i love that her pieces are all so delicate and unique. if you are still looking for that perfect gift - nothing says merry christmas quite like jewelry! dead serious.

*forgive me for the all the sex and the city references this week. it's not intentional. i've been watching the show a lot lately. and i frequently compare real life situations to a sex and the city ep. ;) (don't judge)

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