i haven't talked about it much, but i have a pretty intense passion for music.  my mom said that before i could talk i would hum the songs that she would sing to me.  cute, right?  i played the piano for years (mandatorily).  it bored me.  i played the guitar for a while - i didn't appreciate the callouses.  i've decided that i pretty much just like to listen to music (quite loudly) and sing to it at the top of my lungs.  alone.  THAT completes me.  the next best thing to that is going to concerts and the more intimate the better!  up close in personal.  LOVE IT!  any who, i came across these pretty sweet gig posters by artist and screen printer John Knoerl.  he's created one's for some of my favorite bands!  double score!  they make me feel nostalgic.  and i thought my upstairs hallway could use a few of them!  they're so beautiful.

lookie lookie


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