dinner parties.

"one can not drink well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well." - Virginia Wolf  (i love this quote - i am a huge proponent of dining well)  i have been invited to and have hosted a lot of dinner parties (big & small) lately.  and i think they are one of my favorite things.  ever.  i have discovered that it really doesn't matter what we are eating.  although, it doesn't hurt if the food is life-changing.  and it really doesn't matter the setting.  although, lots of candles, flowers, ambiance & rad music doesn't hurt.  and most importantly, it really doesn't matter the guest list, because when your surrounded by all of the above - you are bound to have amazing conversations, laughter, and leave with a full-belly.  you will most definitely have a fantastic evening, and quite possibly a new best friend!  seriously.  ;)


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