why did i all of a sudden get super pumped about summertime this week??  i'm kinda giddy.  i don't know why it just hit me.  maybe because in the past week the weather literally switched from gorgeous, spring, optional air conditioning, to HOT AS B*LLS!  (sorry).  it's true.  BUT if it sounds like i'm complaining, i'm not!  i would much rather have heat then rainy mcRAINerson and/or tornadoes.  i just crank up the AC and remove layers of clothing!  ok, so my fave things about summer are 1. the light! the sun comes up early & goes down laaaaate!  love.  2. summer dresses it is literally all i wear.  can't get enough!  mini, maxi, flowy, striped, floral, you name it (hearts).  3. the music there is new music coming out like every single week!  and CONCERTS!  oh the summer concerts i will be attending, thank you Jesus!  but most of all 4. the energy
summer just has a certain kind of energy and carefreeness that i so look forward to!  BRING.IT.ON!

PS. love the maxi dress with the chucks. 

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