so, this time last year - i had just graduated from college, i hadn't yet landed my fabulous job, and all i did, all day, was sleep, read, run, & get tanner.  it was fabulous!  THOSE were the days!  (jk) they were super fun though!  unfortunately, since then i haven't done much of any of those things!  but that has recently changed, and i am making more time for things that make me happy & not just working, working, working (don't be confused that makes me happy too, but balance is key).  1. running (life changer) 2. reading and 3. (yet to be incorporated) painting.  i'll keep you posted on the painting sitch.  maybe i will even show you what i paint?!?!  but back to the reading.  i am happy to say that today i bought a slew of books!!!  i'm so pumped!  i just have to wait 5-7 business days ;).  i CAN'T WAIT to get started!!! 

what's on your summer reading list?


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