i know i've been MIA. (understatement)  i hate when people make all sorts of whack excuses about disappearing. so i will spare you the small talk.  busy as you know what!  the ush.  i aim to do better.  but i must warn you, i have an extreme case of spring A.D.D.  speaking of which.  i was resistant at first to the unusually early warm weather upswing.  i mean, i haven't had enough time to get my tan game on point.  but oh well.  you win some you lose some.  today, i came across this shoe/boot/wedge/sandal that would be a nice spring replacement to my winter combat/heel boot i've been obsessed with and have hardly taken off since purchase!  the caramel leather, the grey chunky laces, the buckley strap, the sexy peep toe!  hello?  i'd wear them everywhere!

what is on your spring wish list?


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