the next LEV.

i go through these phases where i am ob.sessed with decorating my house.  house projects/shopping/arranging consuming my every thought!  then, out of nowhere i am over it - lickity split!  i hit the proverbial interior design wall and i put my house design dreams on the back burner where they simmer away until my pocketbook can manage some more pillaging.  so, as you can guess i have just re-entered one of those out!  what i love most about this amazing image above beyond the breathtaking quilt (hello!?) is that bright ass turquoise accent table to the right.  ooooweee it takes this room to the next LEV!  i'm in the process of painting some vintage furniture pieces in my home right now...if you're lucky i'll post some before&afters. 

image | designcrush


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