new love.

i have spared you, my sweet darlings, ALL of the Fall 2011 RTW (ready to wear) fashion show coverage.  i know that many of you aren't as amused by fashion as i am.  so, i don't want to tirelessly bore you.  i am obsessed with all things fashion, but not even i can stand looking through every single photo taken at NY, London, Milan, & Paris fashion weeks.  i mean, i have a job!  so, since i spared you relentless coverage - i will divulge myself 1 photo of 1 show that i just happened to come across in all the millions of photos that i looked through.  the label is VIONNET, the designer Rodolfo Paglialunga. 
this collection stood out to me.  i love the graphicness.  there is so much texture & color in each look.  so glamorous.  so bold.  so feminine! 

the full collection


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