i wouldn't technically say that i am running (like the girl above is with her fabulous tulle train and to-die for boots) out of 2010, but i am definitely NOT looking back!  i anxiously await the moment when the clock will strike 12:01 and turn over a new year!  what will the new year hold? what adventures await?  with mere hours left in 2010 i quickly jotted down my NYR (new year's resolution) for 2011.

1. stop trying to raise the dead.
2. run.
3. let love in.
4. create.
5. believe.
6. pay off my one & only little baby credit card.
7. build an inspiration board.
8. finish my studio.
9. travel. 
10. start a blog (ta-dah!)

what is your NYR for 2011?


Anonymous | December 29, 2010 at 3:25 PM

Love that your are blogging. It is definitely about time! I can't wait to hear your voice through this outlet. It suits you my friend. My New Year's Resoltions are to:
1. Finish House Projects
2. Stay on top of things.
3. Put the house on the market.
4. Enjoy Life more
5. Nurture relationships.

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