// st. vincent

if you need a new person to be obsessed with, i got one for ya. her name is annie clark, but you can call her st. vincent. i saw her live on tuesday night with david byrne (talking heads). they collaborated on an album last year (love this giant). they are currently touring with a dozen plus brass band. GO SEE THEM! if you can. the musical experience was so inspiring and energizing. i've never seen anything like it. there wasn't a moment that i wasn't moving, i literally didn't sit down in my seat once. hah! since the show i've been completely obsessed with annie. i've been devouring all of her music and interviews. she's just brilliant and gorgeous. the creativity oozes from her. here's a little interview of her, but if you wanna get crazy - watch this

i mean, she plays the electric guitar + she's stunningly beautiful + smart. no brainer.


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