i have this huge stack of books next to my bed. picture leaning tower of pisa...

hi, my name is shelly and i'm a book hoarder. i think it's because i wish i was an avid reader that was always reading books in a corner somewhere. but i'm so not. i read fashion magazines slash look at the pictures. i will read more, someday. i WILL read more, someday. and also, Amazon makes it way too damn easy! anyway, back to the stacks on stacks on stacks o' books. at the very bottom of this stack is a huge (dusty) blue journal that this righteously talented, renowned ad guy gave to me once. he mentored me and some of my friends for a while when i was in art school. upon our first meeting, i was starstruck as he passed one of these blue journals to each of us. inside in blue marker were written the letters A.Y. he went on to explain, we were riveted. dorks.

A.Y.,"Amaze Yourself"." okay, possibly cheesy to some. but it was profound to me then and still is today. why the hell wouldn't you want to amaze yourself? screw what everyone else thinks for a day and amaze YOURSELF. or how about BE YOURSELF because that in and of itself is amazing. it's the glory.

love ya'll.


Angela | February 28, 2013 at 7:15 PM

This is so so so good. I mean, what else is better than amazing yourself??

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