yesterday i turned thirty-three.

here's a recap of year thirty-two.

it started with a bang - my thirty-second birthday party. which was epic. if you follow my blog, perhaps you remember. it was a Chanel // black + white theme and it was ridiculous. okay, WILD! i think it was all the champagne, laced with the tequila shots...but i'm not positive. it was something straight out of a gossip girl episode. from that point forward my thirty-second year never slowed down. it was one of the craziest most fulfilling years of my life, to date. dream come true stuff. thinking back, there was never a dull moment. never.

it was a year of discovering myself in a deeper way. becoming more comfortable in my own skin. letting go and letting my walls come down. it was a melding of the old with the new. i came out of hiding. new relationships sprouted and old relationships grew deeper. it was a year of real fruit, real revelation and real change. all profound. i hope i never forget.

as if that wasn't enough, there was a lot of love, laughter, joy, singing, dancing, cheese, wine, stress, deep conversations, prayer, costume changes, lights, camera, action, creativity, fake lashes, anticipation, changed plans, surprises, dreams fulfilled, hope, tears of joy and definitely not of sadness. there's so much more - but i don't have the words.

so on the first day of thirty-three, all i can do is sit back and be overwhelmingly grateful for all the beautiful gifts that have been lavished on me. God is truly faithful and has proven that He will never, ever let me go.



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