oh the dog days of summer...i wish i was on a beach, with a really colorful umbrella/drink and an outstanding view. on the contrary, i'm sitting in my cold a$$ office watching the clock tick down to the weekend. i don't recommend said behavior. one should not wish their life way...just work. sometimes. :)

okay, so this week has been, and is still being, amazing! i got some really ridiculous news that i will be going to thailand in october for 3 weeks. more details to come on that. but seriously, THAILAND! yeah it's like a whole world away. you know, THAT thailand! i don't think the reality of this news has set in yet, but as you can imagine i'm over the moon excited. as if that wasn't enough excitement for one week, tonight i get to sing on an album that my friends and i are making together. i mean, the bucket list is getting a HIT this week, huh?? 

ya'll have a good weekend. if you see me, i'll be the one with the perma-grin. #obvi

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