i die for the couture fashion shows. DIE!  to me, they are the equivalent of eating really rich, expensive chocolate. i savorrrrrr everrrrry bite!

Jean Paul Gaultier...always racy, always provocative. this season, the collection is all that and more. the S&M esque looks are peppered with some TDF (to die for) art deco details that are KILLING ME!!! just amazing! you can view the whole collection here.

also, Elie Saab - of which i am the biggest fan, SLAYED ME this season with the entire collection. it is absolutely stunning! my eyes literally sprouted hearts!
i MUST wear one of his pieces when i walk down the aisle.

Valentino was also ridiculous. i am loving the navy blue!! one of the unsung heroes of the color wheel, in my humble opinion. haha

what do you think?? do tell.

image found here


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