sometimes when i'm at work (because that is where this usually happens) these BRILLIANT outfit ideas literally just pop in my head. they're not always brilliant once i get home and try them on - but i say most of the time they are a win. this is going to sound nerdy but, so i won't forget these brilliant ideas i write down all the outfit details on a piece of paper and then take a picture of it with my phone. i probably shouldn't have just admitted that, but oh well. that way, when i'm home, stumped, looking at my endless amount of clothes saying "GOD, I HAVE NOTHING TO WEARRRR!" i can look up the pictures i took with my phone and BAM, outfit. brilliant, right?

i got two really good ideas today. haha

PS. i dream of a humongous Carrie-esque closet. what girl doesn't? this one is a little too girlie for me, but i'd make do. ;)

image found here


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