one year old.

well, eye candy is officially one year old today. (tear) we're growing up so fast. looking back i don't even remember what brought me to want to start a blog. it seems so unlike me to want to share so much of myself on such a public format, but i did it, and i'm sure glad that i did! it's been so much fun. i highly recommend it! it's been a great outlet. i need outlets. ok, well that was my birthday rant.

in other celebratory news...HAPPY FREAKING NEW YEARS!!!!! i always kinda get sad after Christmas. always. i don't know why, i just do. but then the thought of a new year always ramps me right back up into a blissful state! zing! this weekend is packed with festivities! which actually start TONIGHT! i know. sunday might be rough. sleep city usa!  the good new year's news is i don't have any new year's resolutions this year. i decided the pressure isn't worth it.

big thanks to each of you for all your love + support. here's to many more adventures in 2012!


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