miz sophia.

it's a disgustingly rainy and gloomy day outside today. perfect for sleeping endlessly. which is what i would be doing if i hadn't literally FORCED myself out of bed! it's days like this when it really helps if i'm excited about getting dressed. and this morning i was! the excitement revolved around this great little leopard print dress i've been dying to wear since the minute it arrived in the mail. i threw on some black tights + my black blazer, curled my hair with huge loose curls and drew on some perfectly sleek black eyeliner. i looked in the mirror and felt very sophia loren. not bad for a wednesday...

hey, whatever gets you out the door! ;)  


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Angela | December 21, 2011 at 11:35 AM

So true! Whatever gets you out the door. I'm sure you look and FEEL amazing today!

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