skirting the issue.

i'm not dead.  nothing bad has occurred.  no emergencies.  i've just been partying like a rock star.  true story.  but mostly just working my booty off!  so there has been little time for inspirational blog posts.  BUT i am glad you haven't given up on me...and i am here, posting on this gorgeous second day of fall.  there are pumpkins on my porch & an enormous coffee in my hand!  what could be better?

ok, so for the real matter at hand - SKIRTS!  they are here in a major way for fall, so don't pack them away too quickly.  mini, just below the knee or floor length - your pick.  there's just something so feminine to me about skirts.  i'm pretty obsessed with the sparkly gold one.  perfect rock star attire, don't you think? ;)

skirty skirts found here


Anonymous | September 24, 2011 at 12:24 PM

Glad to have you back! Glad it's fall and I need to find a maternity skirt to rock...

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