there are few things that you MUST know about me by now!  that is if you read my blog religiously, which i hope each and every one of you do! (fingers-crossed)  i LOVE all things French.  i LOVE all things black & white (which is kind of French, don't you think?).  i'm a broken record.  and i LOVVVE fashion illustrations.  of all the art classes i have taken in my life (which are about a million) illustration was by far my favorite!  it could have been because my professor was/still is a genius!  or because i enjoy instant gratification or simply because it's so much fun!  who knows?!  the point is, whenever i come across a great illustrator - i can't help but instantly become a huge fan and want to tell everyone about them!  i scour through all their work and scheme ways to buy some of it for myself! ;)  this particular art belongs to one Gemma Milly.  check out her work - i really like her style!

Gemma's portfolio


Ana Degenaar | July 13, 2011 at 3:19 PM


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