casual friday.

i was going to call this post "caj friday" (like an abbreviation for casual - because let's be honest "casual", good grief, that's
A LOT of syllables!)  but i didn't want you to think it was a typo.  SN: i hate typos!  how can something so small and insignificant make someone look instantly so unintelligent?  ughh!  i'm obsessed with the dictionary and spell-check!  haha.  for real though, i'm really liking this image this morning because it's like, "yeah, i'm on my way to work, and maybe i stayed up too late last night, and had one too many glasses of wine, and yeah, i hit the snooze button a few times, but i look super cute, and i'm so gonna kill this day because tomorrow is the WEEKEND!!  P.S. i need those glasses right this very second!  P.S.S. BFF will be here in t-minus 7 hours!  waaaahoooo!! 

image via julie digs design (rad blog)


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