back at it.

what a weekend!  my head is still spinning!  (so i like exclamation marks!)  the weekend was amazing.  a complete & utter whirlwind.  and my week has continued in that exact same manner.  which is fine - i just feel like i need a nap at 4:30pm!  the upside is everything goes by so quickly.  the downside is everything goes by so quickly.  there were moments this weekend, that i wish that i could have relished just a little bit longer.  conversations that i wish could have carried on a few more minutes, hours.  but here we are, Monday!  and if today is any indication, this might be a wild week!  but the best part?  my best friend & her precious baby boy are coming to visit this weekend!  preparations have already begun.  hanging some new pictures, rearranging, cleaning.  this photo reminded me of a fun & easy DIY i did a little while ago.  i took an old table and painted the face BRIGHT lilac, while leaving the rest of it wood - similar to this little accent table.  it's pieces like this that make my home mine - because no one has anything like it!  my favorite!

image source unknown


Ana Degenaar | July 11, 2011 at 5:24 PM

It sounds like an amazing weekend, I was just thinking I needed a nap, now my inner lazy-bum is really trying to drag me down to bed. I say we make a blog theme 4:30-nap Mondays!

Anonymous | July 11, 2011 at 6:16 PM

I think your best friend is one lucky lady. ;)

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