of my many weaknesses, (ie; art, shoes, bags, fashion, design, all things black & white, food, music, love, paris, you know, my "weaknesses"...this list grows daily).  i truly, absolutely ADORE making & sending cards to my people.  i don't know exactly when this began.  i think it was when all the best friends moved hundreds of miles away & my boyfriend was working in Europe for long periods of time.  i have always found handwritten cards to be so much more romantic then emails (don't worry, there were millions of those too).  first, there's the whole creative process of designing the card, and then the writing - be it a poem, song lyrics, or simply trying to convey how much i miss them with mere words.  then there is the anticipation of them receiving it in the mail.  who doesn't feel loved when they get sweet love letters in the mail??  nowadays there are so many great cards available, Etsy is a vast resource to find amazing hand-made cards.  BUT if you feel like being crafty - just use the ideas that you find to make your own!!  save your money for postage.  xoxo

i love these:
yellow owl workshop
sugar paper
cheree berry
sapling press

picture via oh so beautiful paper


Katie Elizabeth | June 12, 2011 at 10:07 PM

i've always been interested in making cards myself & love handwritten cards, but i have no patience. i'd love to try it someday.

xo katie elizabeth

Eye Candy | June 16, 2011 at 10:18 AM

if you can find time, it is VERY cathartic!

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