arm candy.

so, last weekend when all of you were lounging on a beach somewhere - i was organizing my jewelry!  LAME-O!  i know.  but it desperately needed organizing!  it required some serious time & attention (that i had been majorly putting off), because it was all clumped together in a HOT mess!  but now, i am happy to report that everything has it's place and as a result, my neck, ears, wrists & fingers couldn't be happier!  the problem is, when it gets that way, i tend to completely forget all the great stuff i have - and end up wearing the same pieces over and over just because i don't want to have to SEARCH or UNTANGLE anything!!  goodness.  now it's like i have a ton of new stuff!!  anyway, i came across this charm bracelet the other day and i thought what a fantastic DIY!  i already have a similar bracelet (that i found in the rubble), and a ton of colored string - i just gotta find some interesting charms to add.  so whimsical and fun!  and for the fraction of what the original costs!  (love that!)

PS. Venessa Arizaga is the designer.  Check out her loot here!


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