i pretty much love food.  i do.  i love really good food.  (a moment of silence for the good food of the world.)  it doesn't have to be all snazzy and complicated, or expensive necessarily, when food is good - it's just good!  and that makes me really happy.  oh the conversations i have had, and the secrets that have been shared, and the unprecedented amount of laughter that has occurred in my life over some ridiculously good food.  okay, you get it, right?  so about the unbelievable blog envy i am having right now!  what katie ate.  it's visually inspiring (because she's a rad photographer), for those of you who don't cook, and an encyclopedia of recipes for those of you who do!  i could get lost for hours!  you're welcome.

"because we are who we eat & drink with." -unknown

image source whatkatieate


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