treasured gold.

monday's are hard some times trying to get over here and produce some cohesive thoughts to share with you lovelies.  there is always some juicy stuff to share from the weekend that i kind of make a running list of in my brain while it's happening, but then i get to work and uh, i have to work.  so, it's tuesday afternoon - but i'm here!  and after seeing this image, i want to spray paint some shoes gold!  no?  i kind of have a sickness when it comes to gold spray paint!  maybe just spray paint in general.  i think its it's instantaneous transforming powers.   the wearer of the shoes is Kelly Wearstler - she is a designer god.  and her personal style is E.T.(from another planet).  google her.  buy her books.  check out her portfolio of workread her blog.  she's rad.  <3 <3 girl crush central.

*treasured gold brought to you by RZB


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