i am not a movie critic.  i haven't even read this book!  i usually do that whole thing backwards - watch the movie THEN read the book.  instead of the other way around.  i didn't even know said movie was out - i don't watch TV.  it just so happened that last week, i was looking up movie times and noticed that the little teeny tiny independent movie theater close by was featuring this film.  don't judge me, but i was attracted by the movie poster (i'm an artist, that's how i work) - so i watched the trailer.  riveting! 

so, after a lovely brunch yesterday - so lovely that i was almost late to the movie.  i entered the dark, already seated theater, trailers rolling and barely found myself a seat!  the 2 hours and 1 minute passed beautifully!  a truly epic love story.  but don't worry its not girlie and definitely NOT sappy.   

let me know what you thought after you go see it!  |  watch the trailer here


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