little hearts in my eyes

in my tireless search to find you gnarly gift ideas for Valentine's Day, i came across this original heART (no? ok) on etsy.  the shop is called sarah&bendrix.  all the pieces are {handmade and personalized} - the perfect kind of Valentine's Day gift i love to give & get!  so adorable and far from run of the mill!  you can pay $190 for the large picture or $82 for the small one.  OR you can create this on your own - just add your own little twist.  put in one single contrasting colored heart that has the date of your first kiss on it, or the day your child was born.  write in a favorite song lyric at the bottom, or try out different colored paper for the hearts or the background.  be creative.  your sweetie will die over the originality! 

"a heart that loves is always young."


Anonymous | February 4, 2011 at 9:26 AM

Very You. Very Presh. Very Love.

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