my search for the PERFECT pair of black tights has come to an end!  praise you baby jesus!  i wear black tights almost every single day, so i buy A LOT of tights.  i probably have at least 20 pair.  i am always on the look out for a different brand or material.  the problem is, once i get them home and put them on, i find that they are either too sheer or too short (im long).  i need a pair of OPAQUE, LONG BLACK TIGHTS.  seems simple.  and until now has been impossible!  *miracle revealed*  i have always loved the brand Hue for tights.  you can find them in almost any department store.  recently i noticed that they had a pair called "super opaque".  thank you very much.  i bought 2 pair and was out the door!  i got home, put them on, they were truly OPAQUE (not see thru) and LONG!!!  they come in some rad colors and they are definitely affordable!  you're welcome!

now to find the PERFECT black leggings!  

image courtesy of fashiontoast


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