love is a mix tape.

the countdown begins to Valentine's Day!!  hold-up!  now, don't go avoiding my blog if you don't have a special someone, or if you think Valentine's Day is a crock o' shizz!  everyone can use gift ideas from time to time (especially for those of you out there that are INCREDIBLY difficult to shop for).  i promise that i will not get all mushy with too much LUV stuff, k? alright, here ya go...

one of my faves is up first & it's great for those of you on a budget : the classic MIX TAPE.  it's timeless & virtually free.  first, make a list of songs - this will be the most time consuming step.  think it through, and take your time.  do you want a fun, upbeat mix?  or do you want to confess your undying love?  a mix tape can say so much more than a card ever could - so go for it!  once you have recorded "the most amazing playlist of all time", don't stop there...album artwork is key!  grab a sharpy and go crazy!

the one you love is sure to cherish this gift for a long long time! <3


Anonymous | January 31, 2011 at 4:18 PM

I still have the tape somewhere that you made for me when we were like 13...HAHA So it's true...Cherished for a long time! :)

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